She Nourishes Her Hands….I Am Her.

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She Nourishes Her Hands….I Am Her.

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Even the simplest of activities become a ritual of love & nurturing when we slow down, breath deeply and find ourselves present in the very moment we are in. The ultimate in naturally beautiful hands and nails, this gift is a gift that carries far more meaning than simply nourished hands.

Snuggle up in your favourite warm and cosy nook. Surround yourself with the pure aroma of your most nurturing essential oil. Brew some chamomile & calendula tea. Tune in to soul soothing music and begin to breathe deeply.

Slowly your will nourish your cuticles with pure pomegranate oil, gently releasing the cuticles and revealing your natural nail bed. Luxuriously slather your hands with your delightfully soothing hand cream, enjoying natures gift of chamomile & echinacea.

Gently buff and polish your nails bringing your hands full circle, releasing their natural glow.

She Nousishes Her Hands…..I Am Her.


Product Description

She Nourishes Her Hands….I Am Her Gift:

Reveal your natural nail as you nourish and nurture yourself with this superb hand care ritual.



  • soften & remove your cuticles without the use of cuticle nippers
  • no nail polish solution to beautiful nails
  • moisturise your hands and finger
  • create a ritual of nourishment encouraging a slower pace to life


  • Weleda Nail Care Pen
  • Weleda Cuticle Softener Pen
  • USPA Chamomile & Echinacea Soothing Hand Cream
  • Magic Nail Buffer


Brush on pomegranate oil using the Nail Care Pen. Gentle release the cuticles from the nail bed with the Cuticle Softener Pen. Massage the Soothing Hand Cream into your hands with particular attention to nail bed and cuticles. Smooth the surface of your nail bed by buffing with the black side of the nail buffer. Relish in a beautiful natural shine as you finish buffing with the grey side of the buffer.


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