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Pocket Physio Max



Within the Manipura Body Studio i have many clients with troublesome low backs, and this is my absolute favourite tool for helping them expedite their recovery through a Self Care Sequence at home. The Quadratus Lumborum (QL) muscle is a complicated muscle which plays a large role in stabilising the lower back and subsequently contributes to a deep ache in the low back, groin, Sacroilliac Joint (SIJ) & gluteals. Applying pressure to trigger points within the QL muscle can bring about incredible relief, & so, having access to Pocket Physio Max available 24/7 within your home is an incredible advantage.

Use it at the first sign of low back pain and you’ll be amazed at the impact it has on your body. Oh, & i should say, its also great for loads of other regions of the body, think neck, shoulders, hands, gluteals…. the list goes on!


Product Description

Pocket Physio Max:

The Pocket Physio MAX is a simple trigger device for relieving the tension in a tight muscle that causes pain. It’s density and physical shape is designed to replicate to pressure of a Therapist’s elbow.

Double the size of the standard Pocket Physio, this tool is ideal for locating and releasing the deep, hard to reach muscles such as the Quadtraus Lumborum, Glute Medius, Piriformus or TFL, that contribute to lower back pain when tight and contracted.

MATERIAL: PVC Rubber / Size – 6cm x 9cm

HOW TO EXPERIENCE:   Use the Pocket Physio MAX for massaging deeper muscles by sitting on the floor and sliding it under your glutes or lying horizontally on a flat surface and rolling over it to release your hip flexors.  Instructional graphics are included with every Pocket Physio Max demonstrating how to best utilise this product to relieve you muscle tightness.

NB * It is important to note that the kidneys sit anterior (in front of) to the QL, so please ensure you have an understanding of where the kidneys are located prior to using. As you can see by the picture of QL in relation to the Kidney, maintaining a gentle pressure directed medially (towards the spine) ensures the kidneys are well protected.  This is a wonderful asset to anyone with lower back pain, so please call for a chat should you need further information on the safe use.

ORIGIN: Made in China


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