She Is Supple….I Am Her.


She Is Supple….I Am Her.

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Creating a daily ritual to nurture & release the muscles supporting your body facilitates freedom in movement and counteracts the negative effects of todays busy lifestyle.

The ‘She Is Supple’ gift allows you gift yourself a full body massage in the privacy of your own home….feet, legs, back, neck and shoulders. The minute you feel your muscles slowly increasing their tone, roll out your yoga mat, reach for your ‘She Is Supple’ pack and feel the circulation & supple movement return to your whole body.

She Is Supple…..I Am Her.

Product Description

She Is Supple….I Am Her Gift:

A full body treatment from head to toe releasing built up muscular tension and stress.  Performed on a regular basis at home, this self care ritual encourages a full body release & supple movement of the muscles & a targeted approach to maximizing to release of recurrent knots.


  • 66 Fit Spiky Massage Ball
  • 4 Way Massager
  • Trigger Point Massage Stick


Begin at the feet rolling the spiky ball across every inch of your sole. Release through your Hamstrings, Quadriceps & Calf as you roll the Trigger Point Massage Stick along the length of each muscle. Unwind the trigger point in your Gluteals as you apply pressure with the Spiky ball. Moving up to the neck and shoulders hone in on stubborn knots with the Four Way Massager, targeting key areas of contraction.

  • Please always work within your bodies own limits. Full instructions included in gift pack.


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