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Zen Joint & Muscle Relief Herbal Gel



This incredible herbal combination will fast become a regular part of your home care ritual for supple movement. Apply some Zen Herbal Gel following a targeted Selfcare Sequence & feel the benefits continue well after your sequence is completed. A wonderful support to those with specific muscular and joint concerns (apply directly to the area of concern…or better yet, have someone give you a little massage) or even those suffering headaches (simply apply to the base of the skull), Zen offers that nurturing hot/cold feeling and your muscles will definitely thank you all day long!


Product Description


This superb combination of herbs and oils can be massaged directly onto sore or injured muscles providing rapid penetration & relief. Encouraging a reduction in inflammation, this potent formulation improves circulation, stimulating local healing and recovery.

Zen Provides Relief From:

• Musclar pain & spasm
• Arthritis and rheumatism
• Minor sporting injuries & sprains
• Bruises and joint pain


Boswellia carterii stem bark resin: traditionally used invigorate the blood helping relieve muscle pain and reduce swelling.

Panax pseudoginseng root: Speed up recovery time by improving circulation & thus reducing bruising & swelling.

Angelica polymorpha root: traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory properties and its positive effect on relieving pain.

Spatholobus suberectus stem: traditional added for enriching the blood & allowing relaxation of tendons.

Commiphora myrrha stem bark resin: traditionally considered a pain reliever when pain is the result of blood stagnation.

Drynaria fortunei rhizome: traditionally used for helping activate blood circulation manifested as rheumatism.

Dipsacus japonicus root:  has been traditionally used for broken bones, raptured tendons and broken skin.

Arnica montana flower: offers anti-inflammatory properties.

Mentha arvensis herb oil: traditionally been used for its pain relieving properties.

Cajuput oil: provides warming effect promoting circulation.

HOW TO EXPERIENCE: Adults apply a small amount to the affected area 1-4 times daily.

ORIGIN: Australia


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