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Regain much needed balance in your life with these 15 Self Care suggestions for busy Women

In todays busy world, often times we forget to slow down and take a deep breath. Women these days tend to carry with them an incredible pressure to be everything to everyone & sadly, the one person who seems so often to miss out is them! My hope is that through Manipura Body, I can [...]

Manipura Body; Where we came from and where we are now.

Over the past few months i have increasingly felt that Manipura Body had lost its way. It was beginning to feel as though i had lost my 'Manipura' (Solar Plexus or Core Self) and were floundering along with no purpose. After months of soul searching i am thrilled to be able to share with you truly who Manipura [...]

Mother Daughter Wisdom

The mother-daughter relationship is at the headwaters of every woman’s health. Our bodies and our beliefs about them were formed in the soil of our mother’s emotions, beliefs, and behaviours. Even before birth, our mother provides us with our first experience of nurturing. She is our first and most powerful female role model.   It is from her that we learn what it is to be a woman and care for our bodies. Our cells divided and grew to the beat of her heart. Our skin, hair, heart, lungs, and bones were […]

Reclaiming the Bathtub

Being a Mother of two young children, the bathtub has gone from being a luxurious sanctuary where i used to relax and soak away my troubles to a places of rubber ducks, splashes and squeals of delight. Desperate for some ‘BE’ time (that’s time just for me, to relax, breathe and simply BE),  i decided to reclaim the bathtub. So, with all toys removed from sight, candles  […]