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Massage and Yoga; Complete Synergy.

When we step onto the mat, alongside us comes our emotional and physical habits. Throughout life, these patterns can bring structural and muscular misalignment, which can greatly impact the joy our yoga practice brings to our lives. The Western notion of ‘practice makes perfect’ often creeps onto the mat creating an expectation that yoga asanas [...]

Moon Time; a time of restoration & nourishing self care.

Throughout the ages, women have bled each month just as we do today, only the beliefs & habits surrounding this 'Moon Time' has changed dramatically. In times past, it is said that all women within a community would bleed in time with the new moon & so a monthly ceremony of 'moon time' retreat was held [...]

Mothers Day, a timely reminder to nurture from the inside out

Mothers Day is a day of gratitude. An opportunity to verbalize our gratitude for all that our Mums do for us, all they sacrifice, for all the love they offer us, unconditionally. It is a day of family, a day of rest & a day of love. A day of home made cards, daggy gifts bought [...]