Every woman I know cleanses their skin at least once a day, but many have given very little, if any, thought to their choice of cleanser & the impact that this choice is having on their overall skin health.

There are essentially two main cleansing groups, Foaming Cleansers* & Cream Cleanser; so which cleanser is right for your skin & the season of life you are in today.

Foaming Cleansers

Foaming cleansers are a fabulous choice for skin that still has good oil flow because they are great at removing excess oil. This makes them a wonderful choice for those women in their teenage years, 20’s and even for some, into their early 30’s.

The key issue to be mindful of when it comes to using a foaming cleanser, is that we don’t ever want our skin to feel ‘squeaky clean’. Squeaky clean or tight skin indicates that our cleanser has removed too much of our bodies naturally occurring oils, which in-turn creates imbalance in the bodies natural oil production.

When we remove too many of the natural oils on our skin, our system will start to over produce oil to compensate for this removal & subsequent dryness. This creates a cyclical imbalance of over production & removal. Your skin feels oily, so your strip the skin of the oil, the body then receives a signal advising that it needs to produces MORE oil.…and so this negative feedback cycle begins.

Many women i work with absolutely LOVE a foaming cleanser and really struggle with the transition over to a cream cleanser as their skin matures. If this is you, simply do some research into good quality, gentle foaming cleansers, like the USPA Awaken Foam Cleanser , to ensure that your cleansing ritual is refreshing your skin without creating any imbalance.

* the cleansing wipes so popular today, I classify in the ‘foaming cleanser’ range

Cream Based Cleansers

Cream based cleansers use natural oils and emulsifiers to cleanse the skin and are generally gentler on the skin than foaming cleansers. They are great for removal of makeup & a fabulous choice for women in their 30’s, 40 and beyond.

The reason I emphasis the oil content of the cream cleansers is that as we age, our bodies estrogen levels decline and alongside that so does our oil production. This means that our skin care choices as we mature need to be focused on replenishing and maintaining oil in the skin rather than removal & this is incredibly important when it comes to choosing the right cleanser.

Whether it be foaming or cream, our cleansing ritual should quite simply facilitate clean, balanced skin which then provides a fabulous base line for us to further nourish our skin with a choice of quality serums and moisturisers.

So when it comes to choosing the right cleanser for your skin, please be mindful of how your skin is responding to your current ritual and how your skins needs may have changed throughout the seasons of life and you really cant go wrong.