Health & Beauty Are Synonymous When Taking A Holistic Approach.

The following daily ritual recommendations address skin concerns for the most common skin types. Combining products in a streamlined system to bring about positive change in your skin, this synergistic approach offers simple, affordable and effective solutions for your skin.

Maintaining Normal Skin – Normal skin reflects balanced hydration, muscle tone, suppleness, elasticity, even colour and collagen support. There is a glow, small pores and minimal wrinkling and blemishing. This is the least common skin type and is predominately facilitated by genetics and healthy lifestyle choices.

Nourishing & Supporting Ageing Skin: Prematurely ageing skin can be recognised by its poor elasticity. Thinning & sagging due to a loss of collagen, and a decrease in oil activity can result in dehydration and subsequently the accentuation of lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Stress, poor diet or absorption of nutrients, lifestyle choices and sun or environmental exposure all contribute to premature ageing of the skin.

Replenish Dry & Dehydrated Skin – allowing better absorption of active ingredients, improved barrier function & moisture, whilst also softening and supporting the skin. Dry skin has many characteristics, including feeling tight, itchy, flaking, thin appearance, dullness, increased sensitivity, lack of elasticity and possibly congestion. Resulting from under active sebaceous glands dry skin often occurs alongside ageing, as metabolic processes slow down. The lack of oil flow to the skins surface diminishes the skins ability to maintain moisture creating a dual condition of dryness with dehydration.

Dehydration can occur over a variety of skin types and refers to insufficient moisture in the cellular system. Dehydrated skin appears devitalised with fine lines. Activities that create excess sweating, a diet low in essential fatty acids and good fats, low fluid intake and poor products for the skin can also contribute.

Soothing Sensitive Skin: Sensitive skin can be recognised by the visible signs of stress such as inflammation, redness, blotchiness & visible capillaries. Those with sensitive skin thrive with nurturing, loving care and a pure & simple daily ritual.

Settling Problematic & Oily Skin: taking a gentle & multifaceted approach to oily & acne skin by focusing on good hydration and decreased irritation & redness.

Oily skin is characterised by an overall shiny appearance caused by an over production of sebum in the skin. While Oily skin is often hereditary, the condition can be made worse by using products that strip the skin of its natural oils, overstimulating oil production. This over production and collection of oil can contribute to the development of acne as the oil traps bacteria. Acne is an incredibly complex condition with many contributing factors including hormone imbalances. It is also good to remember that it is possible to have acne and not be overly oily, for example Cystic Acne is often in the jawline area and the skin might otherwise be quite dry or dehydrated. For this reason, a tailored approach to acneic skin renders the best results.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your individual skincare requirements, allowing us to introducing you to the incredible rejuvenation that comes from your everyday skincare ritual.