Over the past few months i have increasingly felt that Manipura Body had lost its way. It was beginning to feel as though i had lost my ‘Manipura’ (Solar Plexus or Core Self) and were floundering along with no purpose. After months of soul searching i am thrilled to be able to share with you truly who Manipura Body is & what it is i am offering you, our wonderful and supportive community. In order to do this however, i do need to start at the beginning which is back in 2012.

I was a Mother of 2 children under the ages of 3 & had just moved interstate, thousands of kilometers from family support and my closest friends. Looking back on that time i just want to give myself a big nurturing hug as I see myself struggling with a recent diagnosis of an Autoimmune disease, exhausted from the night time dance of breastfeeding a newborn mixed with toddler-hood, and desperately trying to connect & establish new friendships.

I was craving connection with other women that wasn’t interrupted by the needs of my children, i needed time to truly rest & regenerate, and i longed for someone to nurture ‘me’.
Innately i knew that i was not alone in those desires and so my first business, ‘Natural Gatherings’ was born. Natural Gatherings invited women to gather their closet girlfriends to their home for an afternoon of pampering, bubbles and laughter.

In the years that followed, my family, myself and my business evolved into what is know known as ‘Manipura Body’.

Today, more than ever, my passion lies with encouraging all Women to create space in their busy lives for regeneration & renewal by nurturing themselves; i now know that sharing the message of Self Care is my ‘Manipura’.

‘Self Care’  will be something that you become more and more familiar and comfortable with the longer you take this journey with me. Self Care, at its core, is allowing yourself the opportunity to truly listen to your mind, body & soul…..and act on that deep knowing that you deserve space, you deserve time & you deserve nurturing.

Through Manipura Body, my hope is that you will be inspired to introduce small daily rituals into your life to regain balance & quality. I invite you to connect with me within the Manipura Body Studio for a soul soothing treatment or online though the Self Care Blog, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, and be inspired to nurturing yourself:

Lets walk the path of Self Care together, hand in hand, as Women should.