Throughout the ages, women have bled each month just as we do today, only the beliefs & habits surrounding this ‘Moon Time’ has changed dramatically. In times past, it is said that all women within a community would bleed in time with the new moon & so a monthly ceremony of ‘moon time’ retreat was held within the community ‘Red Tent’ for menstruating women.

Although originally arising from the superstition of uncleanliness, the Red Tent offered women a place of sacred ceremony, re-connection & nurturing over first 3 days of her menses which allowed her body time to naturally cleanse and restore.

Today, during a woman’s moon time, she is encouraged to continue her hectic pace of life without even a moments pause. PMS and menstrual exhaustion are something we have come to expect and dread rather than acknowledge as sign for us to slow down & retreat. In order to gain true health & harmony, we need to begin to live differently during our moon time.

The week leading up to our menses offers a beautiful opportunity to notice strong feelings that arise, these emotions can communicate powerful messages about what is not working in our lives and how we have fallen out of balance. This ‘pre-menstural’ time needs to be a week of gentle slowing down in preparation for our moon time.

As our  menses begin we need to retreat, withdraw & rest, enabling us to enjoy a monthly pause. Begin by saying no to unnecessary commitments & creating opportunity for rest.  Jump into bed with a hot water bottle and good book as soon as the kids are asleep, commit to working the minimum hours possible, enjoy a gentle stroll in the park on your lunch break or gift yourself a massage. It doesn’t have to be complicated, its simply about creating the space our bodies need at this time.

Without our moon time, there would be no humanity, no creation of the peoples of this world, so together, lets come full circle & reignite the opportunity for ritual, self care, reflection & restoration at this precious time month.

Further inspiration on Moon Time & Red Tent concepts:

Photography: Aidan Meyer