Mothers Day is a day of gratitude. An opportunity to verbalize our gratitude for all that our Mums do for us, all they sacrifice, for all the love they offer us, unconditionally. It is a day of family, a day of rest & a day of love. A day of home made cards, daggy gifts bought from the school stall & heart felt tokens of appreciation.

My hope is that it can also be an opportunity for Women to open up & share. An opportunity to take a deep breath and acknowledge just how challenging it is to be ‘Mum’. The constant juggle of work, home duties, school commitments, being a ‘fun mum’ & committed partner can be an exhausting roller coaster that leaves a gapping big hole in your soul.

As women, we need to acknowledge this & we need to take responsibility to ensure that amongst this chaotic life, we still make time for ourselves. We can no longer wait for others to nurture us. We can no longer wait for someone to offer us time to ourselves. We can no longer wait for someone to feed our soul. It is our responsibility to create space in our lives, for ourselves.

By embedding self care rituals and habits into our everyday lives, we feed our souls and offer ourselves the space we need to slow down & regenerate.

I urge you this Mothers Day to make a pledge to yourself. Pledge to gift yourself more ‘Self Care’ in your daily life. Self Care can mean many different things to different people, but at its core it feeds your soul, makes you feel complete, provides you with your very own sanctuary that belongs solely to you.

Meditation, exercise, enjoying a hot bath surrounded by pure essential oils, a regular massage, a cup of tea with a good book, a daily facial ritual, its these simple things that sustain you as a woman, as a Mother, as YOU.

We only get one precious chance at this life, & every Women deserves to be nurtured from the inside out. Together, lets teach the next generation of women that in order to nurture our families, we need to also nurture ourselves.