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Massage Tools For Supple Movement –  Empowering You To Be Active In Your Own Healing.

Ensuring longevity of both your body and our Earth, these eco friendly self-massage tools inspire you to build rituals of muscular release within your own home.

  • WHY WE LOVE IT: The Arnica Muscle Soak is one product i think every 'active' household should have in their bathroom. Ideal for those thimes that your body is in need of a massage, but you just can find the time to squeeze one in. Run a hot bath and relax as the Arnica and Birch facilitate a softening and the lavender and rosemary invite you to breathe deeply and simply release.
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    WHY WE LOVE IT: Unfortunately we can't always get to a Massage Therapist the minute we notice muscular pain and contraction, which is why the Cork Massage Ball is a must have item for every household. The Cork Massage Ball allows you to self treat your tight muscles at home as soon as you notice discomfort & thus often preventing further contraction. Perfect for release through hips, gluteals, lower back, chest and feet, this is such a simple yet versatile mobility tool. Do keep in mind that it can be an intense 'release' due to the targeted nature and small surface areas we are working on. This is the tool you can take anywhere. It's light weight, petite, and can even be used discreetly under your desk.  
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    Cork Massage Kit

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    WHY WE LOVE IT: Encouraging self-care is the foundation of all that we do here at Manipura Body and this little kit of self massage tools has you covered for just about every muscular complaint.
  • Stretching Routine
    WHY WE LOVE IT: Offering an invitation to to switch off, stretch more and stress less. This wonderful poster offers you direction for daily stretching and release work to encourage suppleness throughout your whole body. Either follow through the entire sequence from start to finish or simply target one region. this poster allows you to stretching 'your way', for 'your bodies' needs.
  • Cork Massage Peanut
    WHY WE LOVE IT: With so many of my clients presenting with increasingly sore neck and shoulders thanks to our technology driven society, this fabulous & simple massage tool offers a solution to releasing these regions on a daily basis. Yes, that means you can have the much needed daily neck and shoulder massage every single night!
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    Sustainable Cork Muscle Roller
    WHY WE LOVE IT: Offering incredible versatility, the Cork Rollie is an environmentally friendly alternative to the more traditional foam roller. My favourite way to use this particular roller is releasing the muscles that attach to the base of your skull. These muscles are often overworked and under cared for in todays computer base society and regular release work often brings relief from tension headaches and general neck stiffness.
  • 15 minute pilates

    Here at Manipura Body, our aim is to empower you to be active in your own health journey & one of the most effective ways to maintain a supple, yet strong body is through Pilates. I'm sharing The Balance Life platform as it has been truly transformative for my own body & life. The workouts are between 15-30 minutes which I've found simple to build into my day without a complete overhaul of my entire life.

    An easy and enjoyable way to build strength and find more balance in your day-to-day life 'The Balanced Life' approach is different and I'm convinced you're going to LOVE it - so promise me that you'll take a look!