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Sonesence Meditones – Music to calm your mind

Have you been feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or not managing to sleep well at night? Meditones may just be the catalyst of peace, rest and nurturing you’ve been craving. Simply pop on some head phones, press play and allow the soul soothing sounds of Sonesence Meditones to effortlessly transform your brain by directly stimulating relaxed neural activity. When your neurons are relaxed, you have more energy, less anxiety, more clarity & less fatigue – simple as that!

What are Meditones?
Meditones are precisely tuned frequencies of sound, that when heard with headphones, guide your brain into effortless relaxation and deep meditation. Those in the Science world (yes, there is loads of scientific research supporting the use of Meditones) call them ‘binaural beats’. But all you need to remember is that they make transformation & meditation effortless.

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