WHY WE LOVE IT: Seeing so many clients each week with increasingly sore neck and shoulders thanks to our technology driven society, this fabulous & simple ball offers a solution to releasing the neck and shoulder musculature on a daily basis. Its often the self care you gift yourself on a regular basis at home that yields the results you are looking for; supple, free flowing movement. This ball is perfect for those of  us  who would love a neck and shoulder massage every night….

Product Description


Used as part of your ‘Self Care Sequence’ at home, the 66fit BakBall has been designed to match the contours of your spine providing pressure point massage to the Errector Spinae muscles running either side of your spine. Fabulous for back, neck and shoulder tension this is a simple & portable addition to any self sequence for supple movement.

MATERIAL: Poly/Rubber.

HOW TO EXPERIENCE: Lay on the floor placing your BakBall evenly either side of the spine starting at your mid back. Breath deeply as your body relaxed into the pressure & use your arms or bend your knees to reduce the intensity if needed. Relax in that position for approximately  15 seconds, before rolling the BakBall up 2-3cm & repeat process until your reach the base of your skull.

Note: The exercises described on this site are best performed under the guidance of a trained Body Work Practitioner.


Additional Information

Weight 0.1500 kg
Dimensions 21 × 17 × 6 cm

Regular, Hard


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