Cork Massage Kit


Cork Massage Kit

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Encouraging self-care is the foundation of all that we do here at Manipura Body and this little kit of self massage tools has you covered for just about every muscular complaint.

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Product Description

Cork Massage Kit:

MOBECO offers sustainable, eco-friendly mobility equipment made in Australia, from environmentally friendly cork and ensures longevity of both your body and our earth.

Introducing the MOBECO Cork Massage Kit which facilitates full body muscular release within the privacy of your own home.

Mobeco Cork Massage Ball – home-based trigger point massage tool which will replicate the pressure of a therapist’s thumb during a remedial massage & bring profound release to tight muscles. Great for targeting specific sore spots within the gluteals, lower back, and feet

Mobeco Cork Roller – the Cork Roller has been designed to release contraction in the larger muscle groups across your legs and gluteals though my favourite way to use this is at the base of the skull for the most incredible neck release

Mobeco Cork Peanut – Fabulous for back, neck and shoulder tension. Matching the contours of your spine, the cork peanut is fabulous for release through the mid to upper back providing a self pressure point massage to the Errector Spinae muscles running either side of your spine.


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ORIGIN: Australia Owned. Made in China.


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