In todays busy world, often times we forget to slow down and take a deep breath. Women these days tend to carry with them an incredible pressure to be everything to everyone & sadly, the one person who seems so often to miss out is them!

My hope is that through Manipura Body, I can encourage Women everywhere, to create space in their lives for a few minutes of Self Care everyday.

The power of gifting yourself this time to spend on and with yourself can be life changing!

  • Surround yourself and your home with essential oils. The power of pure essential oils is truly amazing, not only do they create a calm and welcoming environment, but they can also have an incredible impact on the emotional well-being of the entire family. My home is calm, inviting and a place of nurturing when it is filled with natural aroma everyday.
  • Create a bedtime ritual. A pot of Chamomile, Calendula & Meadow Sweet tea, a book and silence ensures my mind and body are ready for a great night sleep.
  • Establish a Daily Skincare Ritual which allows you to slow down, breath deeply and feel nurtured morning and night.
  • Listen to your body. Women are cyclical by their very nature & we need to not only listen, but act on where we are in our cycle. If you are feeling terribly premenstrual, please, stop pushing & gift yourself some dedicated time for Self Care.
  • Connect with other Women. Innately, Women need to gather. We need to share. We need to feel connected. Feed your soul by gathering your girlfriends for genuine conversation and connection.
  • Dedicate time every week to moving your body. Get up before the household wakes & walk with a friend, do a self care sequence at home, stretch, jog, bike ride, surf or meditate, it doesn’t matter what you do, what matters is that you value your body enough to gift it the time to move.
  • Soak your feet. Set yourself up in a comfortable and peaceful space in your home (i save this self care for evenings when my household is asleep) for a ritualistic foot bath.  Ensure you are using luxurious natural products which enveloped you in natures aromas as you soak & scrub your feet (i highly recommend the Wild Thyme Foot Scrub… smells amazing and gives your feet a beautiful light and fresh feel). Spend time gently massaging away all tension  your feet carry; take a peek at this nourishing & restorative Coco Cream Moisturiser before making the finishing touches with simple natural nail work. I promise you that your feet will feel brand new and your whole body will be relaxed & ready for a good night sleep.
  • Gift yourself the chance explore a short mediation. A simple 20 minute quieting of the mind has the same effect as a hour sleep, only without the grogginess after. Meditation is simple when you have the right people guiding you.
  • Stop putting up with that aching back, sore knee or stiff neck. Allow yourself the time to gift your body with targeted Self Care Sequences encouraging the natural flowing & supple movement of your body. Grab your roller, do some stretches, strengthen the core; these are all simple things you can do at home to encourage supple movement. You deserve flexibility, you deserve comfortable movement, you deserve to love the body you are in, you just need to commit to helping yourself.
  • Set a monthly intention. Set your self up with a blackboard in the kitchen and expand your mind with a focus for the month; the biggest challenge to gifting yourself Self Care is asking your mind to join you.
  • Start using a natural Perfume. I carry all of my Flora Remedia Transformative Scents  with me everywhere i go so that i can choose my oil based on how i’m feeling that very moment. Being that they are essential oils combined with flower essences, they not only smell amazing (which is a pick me up of its self), but they also help to shift my mood. Self Care anywhere, any time that smells AMAZING!
  • Book a date night with your partner, ring your Mum, catch up with your sister. Sometimes reconnecting with most important people in your life can be all the nourishment you need & is likely to feed their soul too.
  • Allow someone else to lovingly nurture you.  A soul soothing facial, natural foot therapy or restorative massage treatment can be one of the most nourishing offerings you can give yourself.
  • Put your favourite song on and dance around the lounge room like no one is watching. Your energy will soar, your heart will release and you will smile…the kids love to join in on this one too.
  • Bathe. Instead of rushing through the shower before bed, run the bath, turn the lights out and enjoy the silence and solitude of a warm bath.

So there you have it, 15 simple Self Care suggestions for you to incorporate into your life.

Gradually build small Self Care Rituals into your everyday & watch as you begin to bloom again.