Treating Muscular Dysfunction Holistically Means Long Lasting Results

This comprehensive massage treatment offers a holistic approach to a healthy functioning body. Combining a wide range of soft tissue techniques with balancing breath work, stretching and postural assessment, this treatment targets key areas of concern whilst balancing the body holistically. Ideal for those suffering muscular pain, headaches, sciatica and chronic overuse conditions.  *health fund rebates available

REMEDIAL MASSAGE 75 minutes $100

Your initial consultation will involve a review of your medical history & detailed postural examination including lifestyle and environmental factors which may aggravate or otherwise contribute to the current condition. Throughout your treatment your therapist will generally treat not only the specific area of pain or tightness, but also take into account possible referred pain patterns from surrounding relevant musculature. At the close of your treatment you will be advised whether subsequent treatments or a ‘Self Care Sequence’ is advisable to enhance the treatment outcomes


This one on one coaching session will allow you to be actively involved in the recovery process through self care exercises at home. These ‘Selfcare Sequences’, will target your individual strength & flexibility requirements by combining yoga asanas with stretching and home trigger point treatment. Design just for your individual needs, you will be empowered to create favorable conditions for your body to return to normal health.


3 Remedial Massages + Self Care Sequence Coaching  *expires 3 months from the date of purchase.

Therapist Qualification 

Susan completed the Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy at RMIT in Melbourne in 1999. This course is a 3 year full time qualification.