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Reclaiming the Bathtub

Being a Mother of two young children, the bathtub has gone from being a luxurious sanctuary where i used to relax and soak away my troubles to a places of rubber ducks, splashes and squeals of delight. Desperate for some ‘BE’ time (that’s time just for me, to relax, breathe and simply BE),  i decided to reclaim the bathtub. So, with all toys removed from sight, candles  […]

Your Natural Face

Your Natural Face Something that has perplexed me for the past 10 years is the fact that society sees the clean ‘makeup’ less face of males and approves; woman on the other hand are another story. Whether it is society, or ourselves who have created the misconception that ‘beautiful’ is a ‘made up’ face, is really irrelevant. The fact is that so many woman look in the mirror every morning and upon seeing their natural self are dissatisfied with the reflection; reaching for their foundation they let out a sigh of relief, they can now confidently attack the day. […]

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Food for thought

Food for thought. This weeks’ dilemma in my household has been a shocking dermatitis type rash all over my 2.5 year olds trunk. Not being able to get into our Naturopath for over a week, I took her to see the local GP & yet again I walked away disillusioned by the lack of true CARE [...]

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The resurgence of the rubber glove

The resurgence of the rubber glove. For months now, I have been struggling with dry hands, I’m talking cracked, red & irritated skin. Knowing full well that it was from the crazy number of times I do the dishes each day (one of the joys of Motherhood), I have been on a quest to find [...]

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