Treatment Packages


This truly is the ultimate soul soothing & holistic experience. Begin this journey of the senses with a grounding foot bath, before sinking into your deep tissue relaxation massage. Allow us to transform the look and feel of your skin as we complete this remarkable experience with a customised facial ritual of gentle exfoliation, restorative clays and nourishing plant oils. 90 minutes of supreme nurturing for feet, body & skin; natural synergy for complete relaxation. 90 minutes $125

ULTIMATE SOUL SOOTHER 120 minutes $160

The ultimate in whole body nurturing, this gorgeous treatment will nourish your feet, face and body, enriching your entire being. Your journey will begin by soaking your stresses away with the wild thyme foot bath. Feel the tension in your body soften into your Relaxation Deep Tissue Massage, then welcome the pure aromas as they envelope you during your Restorative Facial. The magnificent treatment offering is ideal for those who find life is busy & are in need of some nurturing &  much needed time to themselves. $150 (value $165) 2 hours

HOLISTIC RESTORATION PACKAGE  2 deep tissue relaxation massages & a restorative facial $260

This is the true gift of self nurturing. In todays’ hectic life, so many people are exhausted & overwhelmed, leaving little to no room for self care. The Holistic Restoration Package is an opportunity to gift yourself time to slow down, take a deep breath and regain much needed balance over a period of 3 months. Allow us to restore your energy and remind you of the power of slowing down with a Restorative Facial Ritual & two Deep Tissue Relaxation Massages, the ultimate treatment plan for holistic enrichment. $275 * expires 3 months from the date of purchase. (3 treatments in 3 months)

COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT PACKAGE 3 remedial massages & 1 self care sequence $330

A comprehensive treatment plan for those with specific injury concerns. Including your own personalised ‘Home Care Sequence’, this treatment offering will empower you to be active in your own healing.  Includes 3 Remedial Massages + 1 Self Care Sequence Coaching.  *expires 3 months from the date of purchase. (3 treatments plus a selfcare sequence in 3 months)